Anthro Loves…

Hey guys! So I just wanted to share with you some goodies that I recently picked up at Anthropologie.  This is a store that I really love everything in whenever I get the chance to check one out.  We really don’t have any actual stores near my house but whenever I am traveling or visiting family I love to pop in and check out their kitchen and home goods section.  I think that they have the most unique pieces that can really make a kitchen or dining space stand out.  If you are interested in checking out everything in more detail check out the video linked at the end of this post!Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.37.14 AM


Measuring CupMuffin PanBrownie PanMetallic Stripe RunnerSimilar Bright RunnerBistro NapkinsFlamingo:

xo Meg


Stickers &Such…

So I think at this point I have to admit I am completely obsessed with stationery and anything that glitters!  I have suffered from this obsession since I was first able to shop for my own school supplies thanks to my grandparents who always took my sisters and I out on a fun little shopping date that I would look forward too all summer.  IMG_2366The folders the pens, and binders the possibilities were limitless and my Poppy Joe was always amused and somehow shocked at all of the “necessities” that I needed for my upcoming third grade year! Luckily they never minded and I always got straight A’s which I attributed to my color coordinated stationary 🙂  IMG_2376 Ever since I was little I loved magazines and paper in general and have always found a way to keep buying these things over the course of my life.  From watercolor classes in college to now scheduling our family activities which clearly wouldn’t get done unless accompanied by a matching sticker! 😉IMG_2380 Anyway on to the point of this post, I have been asked how I store some of my craft supplies and I wanted to share some of my fave finds from the past few months!

I have found a bunch of stickers at my local Hobby Lobby and I just lucked out when they were all 50% off the brand is called “The Paper Studio” and they have tons of stickers that would be perfect for a calendars or scrapbooks.  Also another one of my various hobbies that I have been meaning to get around to!

IMG_2387Even though Valentine’s Day is over I still think that these adorable love themed stickers can be used throughout the year for Anniversaries or even Birthdays so check out the clearance sections!
IMG_2357 I have recently accumulated a bunch of these cute wash tapes that I find myself reaching for now that I have them neatly stored in a three-tiered metal rack that I actually found at Wal-Mart in the bath section.  I just spray painted it gold and it works perfectly for post-its and other office related goodies! IMG_2361If you want to see more goodies I have found check out some of my haul videos below! Happy stickering!

xo Meg

So Spoooky…

I wanted to share this really easy fun craft that I did with the babe last week that would be great for kids of all ages.  I remember making these when I was a little kid lol so it’s definitely not a new idea, but she had a great time! IMG_3693 Our good friend Meg came over to hang out and she helped us make these spooky little ghosts, so here is what you will need

  • Any type of white trash bag
  • Styrofoam Balls
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Orange & Black String/Twine
  • Sharpie Marker

IMG_1014You may even have some of these items lying around from other crafts or just in your pantry!  We used our regular kitchen trash bags and cut them into various sized squares and just put the ball inside and tied a little bow to create the head.

Next step was to cut the pipe cleaners in half and stick them into the top of the head so that you can easily attach them to a tree, bush, or your mailbox!  The last step was to give them spooky little faces using the sharpie marker and your done!

IMG_1011 IMG_1008 Meg did a fab job tying all of their bow-ties!IMG_1006I think that they turned out super cute and the babe absolutely loves them!  You can make as many as you like and since they are made out of trash bags they should last pretty well even if it rains!IMG_1001xo Meg

Fall Things…

So it’s no surprise that I love fall and I think many of you can agree!  The weather is perfect still somewhat warm during the day and cooler at night!  I also love all of the festive holidays that are coming up especially Halloween!  I think that it’s so much fun to decorate and get ready for fall so I just wanted to share how we decorate our front porch and some other little tidbits from around our house for fall!

IMG_3445I absolutely love flowers, it doesn’t matter what they are I think they are all beautiful and I love having them all around our house!  The great thing about mums are not only do they provide a great pop of color, but they come back every year which will save you money if you plant them in your gardens!

IMG_0879 IMG_3435 I am in love with these silver lanterns that I scored on sale at Target for $10.00 each!! I have been searching everywhere for these for at least a year now and was so happy to score them on sale! Pieces like this are great because they are so versatile and can be used year round inside, or outside!IMG_3418 IMG_3433The pumpkins are from our local farm stand all hand-picked by the babe!
IMG_0882 IMG_3439 IMG_3442 IMG_3454 IMG_3368 IMG_3396Something else that I love to do is save all of the holiday cards we receive and actually put them into picture frames.  You get to utilize frames you already have around your house and put to use those adorable cards that can be pretty pricey and are way too pretty to throw away!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a peek around our house for fall and I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather!!

xo Meg

Set the Table…

I love having our friends and family over for dinner but since we live so far from most of them it’s rare that we get to have them over.  This past weekend was so fun getting to spend time with my mom and our friend Chris, my brother-in law Dan and his girlfriend Lenora!  One of my favorite parts of a dinner gathering is setting the table as a kid I used to dread setting the table for some reason but now I love it!  For me everything seems to come together better at the last second without putting too much thought into it.  We had an impromptu dinner and I just pulled things from other parts of the house like the flowers and table runner.  I think that it turned out really bright and airy feeling!

I am obsessed with fresh flowers in the house especially in the winter I think it feels so bright and cheerful.  I am not sure what the exact name of these flowers are but they literally last forever and they were pretty inexpensive for about $7.00 a bunch.  I think that roses are pretty and everything but for the price I would rather have something that cost less and will last a lot longer.  IMG_5552 IMG_5560 IMG_5556 IMG_5561 IMG_5564 IMG_5543All of our furniture in the dining room is Ikea and the accessories are all mostly from T.J. Maxx or Marshalls.  I love these tealish blue plates that I found at Target combined with silver chargers also from target.  All of the mercury glass I have randomly picked up and I think they transition from holiday decor to everyday perfectly!

We had such a fun weekend after that horrible snow storm hanging out with friends and family, doing hot yoga, and just relaxing!

xo Meg

Easy Valentines Day Crafts…

So we had a snow day shockingly a couple of days ago so that meant we couldn’t play outside or take the baby to the park so that left us with coloring and crafts! The baby loves to draw and paint so being snowed in gave us the perfect opportunity to get all of her Valentines Day cards made and even some little decorations for around the house!

IMG_5126I had bought a pack of stickers for her cards and didn’t end up using them so I decided to use them on some of our glass wear that we had laying around the house and I think that they turned out pretty cute.  This year I have been loving neutrals and couldn’t really find any cute Valentines Day decor in the stores so this was a perfect solution.  For literally under $5.00 you could easily use these scrapbooking stickers to temporarily decorate a vase or candle holder.  Check out some of my favorite looks here on my Valentines Day Board.

Please excuse the Netflix 🙂

IMG_5129I had seen many different variations of Valentines Day banners on Pinterest but just ended up using left over paper from the baby’s cards and simply printed out letters on the computer.  You could get really in depth with a project like this but I tend to get impatient and want to start hanging things up right away!
IMG_5131 I really like how this little canvas turned out with the baby’s handprint.  I had come across one that we did when she was only a month old and it is so crazy how much she has grown and how fast time is flying by!  These types of crafts make perfect gifts for any of your loved ones and it is so fun to look back when they are older to see how much they have grown.  The canvas was $4.99 and I had the paint already at home so that was an easy one!IMG_5142The next craft was also pretty easy and very inexpensive, I was searching on Pinterest for cute ideas and came across a pin for a “free printable”.  I love finding these because you can take a simple picture frame and turn it into a seasonal decoration by just using a simple piece of paper.  Some of these blogs have amazing graphics and awesome ideas on decorating and party ideas.  I found this particular printout first from this pin and on the Pear Salad Blog.  To take a look at the post about the Valentines Day Free Printable check out this link!
IMG_5144 I loved the colors and patterns on these particular printouts and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them but printed them out anyway.  After I cut them all out I thought that they would look cute in the dining room.  These would be perfect for a February birthday or Valentines Day party!  IMG_5147I just cut them out and then used craft scissors to mount them on top of the string so that I could hang them.  You could also just use a hole punch and skip the mounting.  I would however recommend using a glue stick because this liquid glue was not the best for paper!
IMG_5153 IMG_5225I think that Valentines Day is fun but not a holiday that I would go out and spend a fortune on trying to decorate for, so these are great options if you want to add some love to your house without breaking the bank!

xo Meg

Tis the Season…

Tis the season to be thankful and for holiday decorating!  This is one of my favorite times of the year because we get to spend time with family and look back over the year and really think about what we are grateful for.

This year I am incredibly thankful that Eric is home with us and able to celebrate his first Christmas with our daughter!  I am also thankful that our family will all be together at our house for the very first time!

This year has been one of many challenges and changes from moving cross-country, a deployment, learning how to be a mommy, buying a house and a new car, to saying goodbye to good friends and making new ones.  The Army presents many challenges that many people wouldn’t even think about if they don’t know someone who serves our country, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  I am so proud of my husband, brother-in-law, and the many friends we have made on this journey so far.  It has allowed us to take risks, see new parts of the country make amazing life long friendships, and strengthen our relationship like nothing else could.

This is the first year we could really decorate our own home and it’s extra special that we will get to share it with our family for Christmas dinner!  The interesting part of constantly moving and having half of your things break in shipment is reusing decorations and seeing where they fit in a new space.  Lights that were once outside are now inside and ornaments from our old tree are now used as garland accents outside.  You have to get creative and try to use everything you have even if its unconventional.

I love seeing decorations that we had in our first tiny apartment now being used in the dining room, or the Santa figurines that are passed down from my mom-mom.  Decorations that I grew up with in my parents house we now have as reminders of all the fun-filled traditions that my sisters and I grew up with.  The holidays are such a special time and I love seeing the house filled with decorations reminding us everyday of December!


New icicle lights with wreathes passed down from my mom-mom and topped with new gold accents
Garland woven with older ornaments that didn’t match the living room, greenery from our back yard (good idea mom!) and an adorable personalized snowman from aunt nicole!
Nothing better than relaxing with the fireplace a decorated tree!
The dining room is all silver, gold, with hints of teal
Garland that once hung outside of our old house in WA
We decided on a red and gold theme for our living room, the candy stripped mesh we found at Costco and worked perfectly with our tree. 
The curtains we switched out with our neutral ones and are from our very first apartment!
I love that we finally have a mantle to hang our stockings on that are personalized from my parents! The Santa is from my mom-mom and we love it!
Entry way table, I love using placemats all over to add color or in this case sparkle to end tables and we can use this one year round! (found at TJmaxx)
This tree that now looks tiny was our only tree in our small apartment where we first lived and now fits perfectly in our dining room where we will have Christmas dinner!

IMG_3960 IMG_3975 IMG_3962 IMG_3973

Happy Holidays and don’t forget to be grateful for all the amazing people in your life!

xo Meg